Great Things at GES - February 17, 2012

posted Feb 19, 2012, 1:24 PM by Chad Miller

Great Things At GES Feb 17, 2012

1. Marketday, to date, has raised over $500 to help support our literacy program. These funds will be used to purchase furniture such as book shelves, and help with supporting our classroom library sets. Thank you all for the support of Marketday and our literacy program.

2. Our book room is up and running and many teachers are taking advantage of this new resource. Our book room has over 1200 titles that teachers can use to instruct their students in guided reading groups and many have began using the materials already. Between now and the beginning of school next year, our staff will receive professional development on using the book room, guided reading groups, and using a new benchmarking assessment kit to determine each child's reading level.

3. March 10th will be the annual Lion's Club Pancake Dinner and our physical education and music department will be working with students through a square dancing unit. During this unit, the teachers will select several students for entertainment during the Pancake Dinner. 

4. February 23rd will be the second skating party of the year sponsored by StuCrew (Student Council).

5. StuCrew will be soon be starting their Pennies for Patients fundraiser to donate to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

6. Many of our students are participating in the after school art enrichment program with Mr. and Mrs. Bower. This past week, they worked on drawing symmetrical facial features.

7. Congratulations to Mr. Dillon for his recent presentation at the Ohio Etech Conference in Columbus. Mr. Dillon presented on the use of daily announcements through Youtube. Mr. Dillon has a strong background in technology and continues to provide suggestions as to how we can continue to integrate technology into the classrooms in the future.

8. Many of our classrooms have been Proactive and joined our "Adopt a Hallway" Program. Through this program, classrooms are taking responsibility for a section of our hallway and helping to remove scuff marks from the hallways. Students throughout the day will monitor the hallways and remove any scuff marks to keep our hallways looking great.