Introducing the GES Literacy Blog

posted Aug 27, 2012, 3:46 PM by
Mary Bower, Literacy Coach at Graham Elementary, has recently created a blog to keep families updated on our initiatives implementing a balanced literacy curriculum. Please click the Literacy Coach link under additional links on the menu to the left to learn more. 

Here is a statement from Mrs. Bower about the literacy changes we've implemented at Graham Elementary:

Literacy At Graham Elementary

    We are embarking on a new Literacy process here at GES in an effort to teach each student from where they are as readers and move them to their potential as readers.  We have been teaching mostly from a whole group structure and we are transitioning to a small group, individual, and center-based structure for reading and writing.
    As a result of our changes, your child’s reading homework may look different.  They will be required to read at home nightly and fill out a reading log.  There will no longer be weekly reading tests over a story the whole class has been reading.  Your child’s teacher will give you details.  We will be monitoring reading progress through assessment several times each year.  You will be informed of your child’s progress.
    Our teachers will be receiving on-going training to continue to improve our instructional methods. We are excited about the changes we are making for the benefit of your children’s reading and writing success.  

    To get more information about Literacy, you can contact your child’s teacher, your Literacy Coach through the GES website or, and you can talk to our principals.